Nov. 22--Rev. Ben's last Sunday with us.  We wish him well in his future ministry.



Welcome to Ottawa Presbyterian Church! 

Located at 150 North Oak on the corner of East Third Street and Oak Street. 
Telephone:  (419) 523-3694
We are currently on our "winter" schedule with worship, although sociall distanced, held in our sanctuary at 10:45 am.

Our Statement

     To love God, follow Jesus, and love all.

We returned to worship in our building on October 11.   The service begins at 10:45 am each week.

Let's all work together to stop the spread of this virus!



Saint Paul

Andrea DeBartolo, 1400s


What has happened during the pandemic?

  • Worship services moved online beginning March 22 (FaceBook live).  From March 29 through June 7, services moved to YouTube.  Links were posted on this site as well as on our Facebook page and Facebook group.  You can still find those links on our Sermon PageThere are several pages of them!
  • On June 14, Worship moved to Memorial Park and continued there through October 4.  We could safely worship, sing, and have fellowship there in an abundance of fresh air.
  • On October 11, we returned to our own sanctuary, with safe practices.  Please remember to wear your mask.  Likewise, please understand this is subject to change at any time.


What's Next? 

  • November 22 - Rev. Ben's last Sunday with us!  Worship at 10:45 am in our sanctuary
  • November 29 - Worship at 10:45, in our sanctuary with Rev. Don Leckrone
  • December   6 - Worship at 10:45 with Rev. Ellen Huginin, turn in Christmas Bags for seniors
  • December   7 - Food Pantry set-up
  • December   8 - Food Pantry distribution
  • December 13 - Worship at 10:45 with Rev. Ellen Huginin
  • December 14 - Food Pantry set-up
  • December 15 - Food Pantry distribution
  • December 20 - Worship at 10:45 with Rev. Ellen Huginin
  • December 24 - Worship at 7:30 pm with Rev. Tom Steensma
  • December 27 - Worship at 10:45 with Rev. Ellen Huginin 


As we return to our sanctuary...

  • Masks are expected
  • Areas will be marked off
  • and we are thankful to be back in our own space again!



ONGOING PROJECT:  Food Pantry--needs the following:  Juice is needed (however grape or grapefruit juice is NOT needed).  Also needed are small bags of sugar (brown, powdered, or granulated), mayonnaise, and baking mixes such as cake, cookie, or brownie mixes.  The office at Trinity is open Monday-Thursday 9 am to 2 pm and items can be dropped off during those times.  If you have questions, please check with Janice G.


If you wish to use the building for a special activity, please see the Building Usage Guidelines.


    You may contact our church using the office phone (419) 523-3694.  You may also email Rev. Ben Shaw ( or call him at (740) 972-1606.  You may also contact our secretary (, our financial secretary (, our treasurer ( or our webmaster (

    You can also find our church through Facebook (Ottawa Presbyterian Church), Twitter (@ottawapres), and Instagram (ottawapres).


    Daily devotionals are available throughout the year at d365.  Check it out--along with the great music that is included.