Welcome to Ottawa Presbyterian Church! 
Located at 150 North Oak, on the corner of East Third Street and Oak Street. 
Telephone:  (419) 523-3694
Sunday Worship services begin at 10:45 am.  Sunday School begins earlier at 9:30 am.   

We are

  • Sustained by our faith
  • Supported by our families
  • Renewed through our fellowship
  • Filled with hope for our future

 Pastor Lynn Bova is serving as our temporary lay pastor.  Her goal is to be in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays whenever possible. 
During the week of April 21, Pastor Lynn will be in the office on Monday and Tuesday. 
You may also contact Pastor Lynn by email at pastor@ottawapresby.org.
Upcoming Items:
  • April 20 - EASTER!
  • April 27 - Kirkmont Scholarship Forms due
  • May 1 - Session - 7 pm

We now have paperwork available for Camp Kirkmont.  Please see either the "What's Happening" or "Church Documents" page for application forms for the camp and for scholarships.  Don't forget to check out Kirkmont's website:  http://kirkmontcenter.com/


 (April 13 - Palm Sunday Breakfast & Easter Egg Hunt) Thanks to Lori F. for organizing this event.  After our traditional breakfast, the kids burned off their extra energy searching for eggs.  Just one catch--each child had an assigned color!  Check out our Facebook page to see all of the smiling faces.










Daily devotionals are available throughout the year at d365.  Check it out--along with the great music that is included.


SPECIAL NOTE:  Sermons can be heard using any browser other than Internet Explorer--at least for the time being.