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Welcome to Ottawa Presbyterian Church! 

Located at 150 North Oak on the corner of East Third Street and Oak Street. 
Telephone:  (419) 523-3694
Sunday Worship services begin at 10:45 am during the school year.  Sunday School begins weekly at 9:45 am.  This schedule runs until Memorial Day weekend.

We are

  • Sustained by our faith
  • Supported by our families
  • Renewed through our fellowship
  • Filled with hope for our future

Follow - part of "The Word" sermon series in 2016


October 2

Upcoming Items:
  • September 24-30 - Rev. Patrick at Continuing Education (Montreat, NC)
  • September 27 - MOMS group, 6:30 pm
  • September 29 - Wired Word Bible Study, 5:45 pm
  • October   2 - Worship centered on "Follow"
  • October   2 - World Communion Sunday, with "International Potluck" to follow worship
  • October   5 - Rev. Patrick at Presbytery Committee Meeting in Bowling Green
  • October   9 - Worship centered on "Listen," Baptism during worship
  • October   9 - Ottawa Connects with Rev. Alonzo Johnson, focusing on Peacemaking
  • October 11 - Worship at Meadows of Ottawa
  • October 11 - Bingo at Meadows of Ottawa
  • October 16 - Worship centered on "Humility
  • October 16 - Session meeting after Worship
  • October 23 - Worship centered on "Vision"
  • October 30 - Worship centered on "Demons"
  • October 30 - Wear a costume to church day...because we can.  Because we're all kids at heart.  Party follows worship.  Again, because we can....
  • November 12 - Quarter Auction sponsored by OPW


ONGOING PROJECT:  Food Pantry--need diapers (size 5, 6, & 7) and the following:  All kinds of both canned and dry beans (except green beans), canned carrots, fruit cocktail, pineapple (all varieties), mandarin oranges, all kinds of pasta (except spaghetti noodles), packages of pasta dishes (except macaroni & cheese), boxed dinners such as Hamburger Helper (including pizza mixes), canned and boxed potatoes, and beverages/juice (including tomato juice).


Check out the websites/activities below, contact Janie F. with interests:


You may contact Rev. Harley by email (, by office phone (419) 523-3694, or mobile phone (432) 329-8896.

You can also find our church through Facebook (Ottawa Presbyterian Church), Twitter (@ottawapres), and Instagram (ottawapres).


Daily devotionals are available throughout the year at d365.  Check it out--along with the great music that is included.