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Information for Kirkmont Center:  dates, descriptions, and forms.

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Kirkmont Schedule - 2017

2017 Summer Camp Calendar

Summer Staff Report for Training ....... June 4

You & Me Camp  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  June 10-11 . . . . . . . .$  65.00 person
Quilt Camp 1  ...................... .................June 11-16 . . . . . . . .$350.00
Beginners Camp..................... ..............June 18-21  . . . . . . . .$260.00
PYC Junior Camp  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   June 25 - July 1  . . . .$420.00
PYC Camp  .......................................... June 25 - July 1  . . . .$420.00
Camp Rejoice  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . July 9 - 15  . . . . . . . .$420.00
Adventure/Sports/Discovery Camp 1.... July 16 - 21  . . . . . . .$420.00     
                Horseback Option ............... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 75.00 person
Two Week Camp ................................. July 16 - 28  . . . . . . .$1,100.00     
                 Horseback Option during 2nd week only . . . . . . . .$ 75.00 person
Kids Camp ........................                  . July 20 - 22  . . . . . . .$150.00 person
Adventure/Sports/Discovery Camp 2... July 23 - 28  . . . . . . .$420.00     
                Horseback Option ............... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 75.00 person
Quilt Camp 2  ...................................... July 23 - 28  . . . . . . .$350.00
Family Camp ....................................... August 11 - 13   . . . .$  75.00 person


Please call Sara Metzler at the Kirkmont Office with any questions: 937-593-2141.

Camp Descriptions

You and Me Camp – Ages 3-10 with an adult – June 10-11

Make some memories with your favorite young person (ages 3-10) by heading to Kirkmont for an overnight stay filled with adventures in music, crafts, hiking, fishing, swimming and campfire fun. Round out the experience with an overnight stay in the Cabents and be prepared to make memories to last a lifetime. 

Quilt Camp – Adults age 18 and over – June 11-16; July 23-28

Experienced and novice quilters alike are invited to join us at Kirkmont’s beautiful Croft House for this week-long camp. Community and friendship will grow through Bible study, devotions and the sharing of patterns and techniques. So be sure to bring your machine, fabrics and current projects. Space is limited for this very special camp, so be sure to register early.

Beginners Camp – Completed K-3rd – June 18-21

Is your camper ready to go away to camp but not quite ready for a full week? Then this is the session for you! Kirkmont’s Beginners Camp lets younger campers spend part of the week at camp trying out classic Kirkmont activities like hiking, pool-time, canoeing and crafts; meeting new friends; and singing around the campfire. Because this camp is geared toward your camper’s first experience with multi-day camping, Beginners Camp pays special attention to making first time overnight camping fun and safe, and it leaves the new camper wanting more!

PYC Junior Camp – Completed 3rd-6th – June 25-July 1

Presbyterian Youth Connection (PYC) Camp for the junior level! Campers will select an area of focus for part of the camp– Sports, Music, Art and Science/Nature—while participating in other group activities the remainder of the time. The week will be rounded out with an engaging and interactive Christian Education program.

  • Sports: From Kickball and Ultimate Frisbee, to Soccer and Volleyball, the sports track covers all kinds of sports. Each year is a little different and always offers a chance for participants to learn and participate in different sports each day.
  • Science: The science track does something different and exciting every year. In the past they have dissected sharks and done in depth studies of the pond area. The science track is led by a science teacher from the Benjamin Logan Schools and always promises an exciting look in to the vast field of science.

  • Art: From oil paintings, to paper mache and even murals. This track explores the world of art and its various types of materials and applications.

  • Robotics: The robotics track will use Vex robotics parts to build and program robots to perform specific tasks such as push blocks, stack blocks, or even pick up ping pong balls to place into a container. Participants will get an introduction in to the basics of robotics.

  • Music: From timeless classics, to new and popular, the music track allows participants to showcase their talents as a group. Campers in the music track will perform several songs at the closing program.

Camp Rejoice – Completed 3rd-12th – July 9-15

Kirkmont’s largest camp is open to youth who have completed 3rd to 12th grade and promises fun for all ages. Swimming, devotions, campfire vespers, canoeing and paddling, cage ball and all of the classic Kirkmont fun is paired with two unique service elements that help illustrate the importance of seeing all of our blessings and giving back. Past service projects have included planting trees, habitat restoration and clearing the beloved trails of Kirkmont. Senior High participants are treated to canoeing on the Mad River and a daytrip to Indian Lake. The joy in this journey will only be experienced if you come to Camp Rejoice!

Kids Camp – Completed K-3rd with an adult – July 20-22

Every journey starts with a first step…and that is Kids Camp at Kirkmont. Campers who have completed Kindergarten through third grade who are not quite ready for an independent camp experience will feel at ease with a parent or guardian by their sides. Attendees will enjoy pool-time, arts and crafts, a campfire, sing-a-longs, nature time, S’mores, and evening activities like the Benjamin Logan Long-Clawed Snipe hunt or night hike. And don’t be mistaken—the accompanying adults will enjoy this camp as much as their campers!

Adventure/Sports/Discovery Camp – Completed 3rd-8th – July 16-21 and 23-28

Whether you choose Camp 1 (July 16-21) or Camp 2 (July 23-28),your child can choose one of three tracks (see below).  No matter what track you child chooses, they will get to see all the wonders of the property at Kirkmont Center.  All tracks include a daily one hour Christian Education session (like Sunday school), and an evening Vespers (time of worship).

  • Sports: Campers will play games on the big field, on the volleyball court, and even in the pool.  No matter what the Sport, your child will learn the rules and fair play.  From Soccer and Volleyball, to Kickball and Croquet.
  • Adventure: Campers will have an outdoor escapade in the woods at Kirkmont.  From animal tracks and tracking, to survival skills, your child will learn how to build shelters, collect drinkable water, and survive if they were ever stranded.  As an added bonus, your child may be able to experience a night in the great outdoors under the shelter they have created.
  • Discovery: Campers will get to experience the nature that is Kirkmont.  From plant life, and what is edible, to studying the ecosystems, to stargazing on a clear night.  There is a lot of nature to learn about out here, and we want you to learn about it.

Every camper, no matter which track they choose, has the option of adding two 1 hour sessions at Marmon Valley Farms to learn about horses and go horseback riding for an additional $75 fee.

2 Week Camp – Completed 3rd-7th – July 16-28

Come for Sports Camp and stay for Adventure Camp! Based on parent and camper input, this year we are offering a two week camp!  This year you can come for Sports Camp on Sunday July 17 and stay until the end of Adventure Camp on Friday July 29. Over the weekend we will be venturing offsite to Mad River Adventures for a 3 hour canoe trip and over to Indian Lake to enjoy the beach.

Family Camp – Completed 3rd and up with an adult – August 11-13

Call your friends and family!  Invite your congregation! Wrap up summer with a renewing weekend at Family Camp at Kirkmont Center! Explore God’s creation as by participating in scheduled events that interest your crew. Whether you hike, paddle, aim your bow or create a craft, memories will be made and summer will have the perfect send off!   Individuals, families, small groups, and congregations welcome!

Kirkmont Forms

The Kirkmont website shows the following forms:

2017 Registration Form

2017 Medical Form

2017 Church Scholarship Form

2017 Rev. De Lair Campership Scholarship

2017 Kirkmont High Ropes Form

2017 Kirkmont Offsite Permission Form

2017 Kirkmont Horse Rental Agreement & Waiver

Also, Ottawa Presbyterian Church has its own scholarship application, the Sewell Scholarship.  This scholarship application is quick and easy, but it has to be turned in to our church rather than sent off to Kirkmont.  See the newsletter to know to whom and by when this form is due.