Our Leaders

We are located at 150 North Oak Street, Ottawa, OH.  Telephone:  (419) 523-3694

Pastor Lance Wiesmann

Pastor Lance has been officially contracted to lead us as of April 1, 2021.  His first "official" service was on Easter Sunday, a time of new life and celebration.  

Pastor Lance will serve us on a part-time basis as he still has a full time job of his own but has been led by faith to accept the challenge of ministry.  With his very obvious energy, our transition team was assured that this situation will work well for all.

In the meantime, you may contact Pastor Lance at wiesmannlance@gmail.com or 517-270-4837.  Please remember, however, the Pastor Lance's  work schedule may impact his response time to any calls, texts, or emails.



 Amy Remaklus--Moving from "Under Care" for Seminary Studies to Executive Director of Toledo Campus Ministry

 The March 3 2022 Newsletter from our Maumee Valley Presbytery celebrated the Amy has now passed all of her ordination exams!  Soon she will begin work as the Executive Director of Toledo Campus Ministry.  Perhaps, the term "begin" is incorrect as Amy was an active part of TCM during her undergraduate years.

Amy, husband Jeff, and four daughters will return to Toledo in the very near future as Amy conludes her seminary training at Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta.  Not only will the family be returning to their Northwest Ohio roots, Amy and Jeff will be returning to the ministry that brought them together.
Amy's career and activities have demonstrated her passion for service and for humanity.  She has worked as a nurse in multiple situations, has home-schooled her children, worked with children of diverse backgrounds at Shalom International Ministry in Clarkston, GA. served as a scout leader and in local church leadership positions.  That's a wide range of activities that all share a love for humanity at their core.
We wish the Amy and her family the very best as they begin this next chapter of service and Christian love as they return to Toledo Campus Ministry.



Other Church leaders
In every Presbyterian church, there is a group called the "Session" which is composed of "elders."  Together with the pastor, this group oversees all church programs and activities.  OPC's Session has six elders, with each elder serving a three-year term.  Every year, two new elders are chosen by the congregation to replace those elders whose terms are completed.

Our current session members are listed below. 
     Class of 2022--Karl Hirzel, Nancy Kaufman
     Class of 2023--Wayne Badder, Carrie Johnson
     Class of 2024--Stan Beckman, Katrina Riepenhoff
Thanks to elders Robyn Badder and Ashley Robers who finished their terms in December 2021.
            Many thanks to all of the elders and officers who have served through the years!
Committee Chairs:
Church Operations--Karl Hirzel
Christian Education/Youth--Katrina Riepenhoff
Fellowship--Carrie Johnson
Mission & Outreach--Stan Beckman
Presbytery Delegate--Beth Myers; Alternate--Lynne Hirzel
Worship--Nancy Kaufman
Clerk--Karl Hirzel

Our church secretary is Andrea Morman (secretary@ottawapresby.org).  She began her work in early December, 2010. 

Beth Myers is our organist and Chas Myers is our choir director.  Lynne Hirzel is our financial secretary (finsec@ottawapresby.org) and Beth Myers is now our treasurer (treasurer@ottawapresby.org).   Also serving us is Dave Hanneman (custodian).  Our child care position is currently open; however, at this moment in the pandemic we are not offering child care during worship.