Our Leaders

We are located at 150 North Oak Street, Ottawa, OH.  Telephone:  (419) 523-3694

Rev. Ben Shaw (former minister)
Minister of Ottawa Presbyterian Church, August 2017-November 2020, Rev. Ben has now moved to serve another Presbyterian Church in Montgomery, OH.  We send prayers for the ministry they will share and give thanks for the ministry that we enjoyed during his stay with us.  Godspeed, Rev. Ben!
Rev. Ben's photo (a very youthful one!) has been removed at his request (please understand there is some good-natured humor involved here!)
The search process for a new minister is under way. We appreciate the efforts of the team in charge of this process.


Amy Remaklus--"Under Care" for Seminary Studies


     Amy Remaklus is an aspiring Inquirer supported by the Ottawa Presbyterian Church.   This is the beginning phase of ordained ministry in the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. Amy has felt the call into ministry since she was a small child.  However, there have been many twists and turns in her journey.  When she was younger, Amy attended CCD classes (in the Catholic church), participated in a Christian Leadership Program (in the Catholic church), and even considered entering the Catholic convent.  Amy was raised in the Catholic church but was introduced to Protestantism during college.  Toledo Campus Ministries, Habitat for Humanity, the Office of Residence Life, multiple mission trips and service projects, and many different nursing experiences opened Amy’s eyes to the world of love and teaching that is embraced by the Protestant tradition.  Amy learned that God was calling her into ministry in a different way than she had previously thought. 


     Now, 10 years after college,  Amy is married to her college sweetheart, Jeff, and they have four beautiful daughters.  Amy has been ministering to the community and her family for the past 10 years in many ways:  as an ICU nurse both locally and traveling, as a mother and home educator of four primary school-aged children, as a Girl Scout troop leader, as a Sunday School and Junior Church leader, and many other unmentioned roles.  Amy cares deeply and passionately about the community and the world.  This summer, Amy and her family will be relocating to Georgia, where Amy will be attending classes at Columbia Theological Seminary for the next four years.  The entire Remaklus family (children included) is very excited about this adventure!  Please keep this mission-oriented family in your prayers, as they embark on this challenging next step of answering God’s call:  Moving to a new state with four small children, continuing home education for the four children, starting graduate school after 10 years of being out of college, and Jeff’s starting a new nurse practitioner job in Decatur, Georgia. 


     Thank you for your prayer support! 



Other Church leaders
In every Presbyterian church, there is a group called the "Session" which is composed of "elders."  Together with the pastor, this group oversees all church programs and activities.  OPC's Session has six elders, with each elder serving a three-year term.  Every year, two new elders are chosen by the congregation to replace those elders whose terms are completed.

Our current session members are listed below. 
     Class of 2021--Robyn Badder, Ashley Roberts
     Class of 2022--Karl Hirzel, Nancy Kaufman
     Class of 2023--Wayne Badder, Carrie Johnson  
Thanks to elders Paul Baransy and Brandon Font who finish their terms in December 2020.
            Many thanks to all of the elders and officers who have served through the years!
Committee Chairs:
Church Operations--Wayne Badder
Christian Education/Youth--Robyn Badder
Communications--Gillian Holzhauser & Andrea Morman (church secretary)
Fellowship--Nancy Kaufman
Mission & Outreach--Carrie Johnson
Nominating--Robyn Badder
Presbytery Delegate--Chas Myers; Alternate--Lynne Hirzel
Worship--Ashley Roberts
Clerk--Karl Hirzel

Our church secretary is Andrea Morman (secretary@ottawapresby.org).  She began her work in early December, 2010. 

Beth Myers is our organist and Chas Myers is our choir director.  Janie Font is our financial secretary (finsec@ottawapresby.org) and Beth Myers is now our treasurer (treasurer@ottawapresby.org).   Also serving us is Dave Hanneman (custodian).  Our child care position is currently open; however, at this moment in the pandemic we are not offering child care during worship.