We are located at 150 North Oak Street, Ottawa, OH. Our office phone is (419) 523-3694.
Sunday morning worship is held in the sanctuary on the second floor of the church.  We have a slightly different schedule, depending on the time of year.
Summer Schedule–Once the calendar rolls around to Memorial Day Weekend, the schedule is tweaked a little–Sunday School goes on summer vacation, and more food and snacks appear after worship!  We have a light breakfast after worship during the summer, with plenty of conversation to go with it.  We stay on this schedule through Labor Day Weekend.  And there are never any worries about leaving a donut behind!
“Winter” Schedule–From the Sunday after Labor Day through the Sunday before Memorial Day, worship begins at 10 am.  Sunday School begins earlier at 9 am for children of all ages.  Coffee, juice and snacks usually appear after worship.

You can never be sure what resources will be used in worship–ranging from traditional hymns of centuries past to contemporary music to liturgical dance to drama.

Special evening services are also scheduled prior to Easter on Holy Thursday and Good Friday. There have often been community services as well.

A special service is also held on Christmas Eve.

Specific times of special services are available on the calendar portion of this website.

Sunday School–We are lucky to have talented and dedicated Sunday School teachers for our children–God’s children of ALL ages. 
     We do try to schedule some breaks through the school year to give time off to students and teachers alike.  As mentioned above, Sunday Schoolers–teachers and students–get a vacation during the summer.





About Us

About Us
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