Presbies in Action

This is a small, but active church.  Some activity, often mission-centered, is always around the corner.  In addition to the work, we have a lot of fun just being with each other.  Guess that takes all of the work out of the activity!

So, you'll find us working at Ottawa Food Pantry during the months of June & December, although the first Sunday of each month is designated as Food Pantry Sunday for extra giving.  The Food Panty is housed at Trinity United Methodist Church in Ottawa.  Six churches from across the county share the work of the Food Pantry.

Offices for Putnam County Habitat for Humanity are housed within our building.  The Habitat board of directors meets here on the second Thursday of each month and the building is often used for committee meetings.  Many members of our church have been and continue to serve with this Christian ministry.

We often help out with bell-ringing for Putnam County Salvation Army.  Our ringers (ding-a-lings?) see all kinds of weather--ranging from brilliant sunshine in July to near-blizzard conditions in December.  While many organizations through the community help out in December, our church handles the "Christmas in July" ringing to honor former member Jerry Gordon who was amazingly faithful in organizing this activity over many, many years.

Many of the women of the church work through OPW (Ottawa Presbyterian Women) to help with various church activities such as meals and fund-raising events.  Much of their work goes on behind the scenes.  No matter what the activity, having fun is always near the top of the agenda!

There are five women's meetings each year, usually in September, November, February, April and June.  The first four meetings are breakfast meetings and the June meeting varies from breakfasts to salad lunches.  In fact, one year the June meeting was so unusual that it was held in August instead of June!!!  (And we left with our sides aching from laughing!) 

The women hold garage sales (rummage sales) each year in June.  They also hold "no-bake" bake sales--less work, no calories, and lots more fun!  You will also find them at The Meadows of Ottawa on the 2nd Wednesday of every month as they help the residents there play bingo--for nearly forty consecutive years!  And, even though the group name mentions "women," the majority of the activities involve all people (and all ages) of the church.

On the flip-side, there are also five Men's Breakfasts on Saturdays during the year, held in the months of September, November, January, March and May.  At times these events have been culinary marvels provided by the guys, and at other times the men opted for a local restaurant instead.  Want to be involved?  Just let us know and you'll get a reminder phone call before each breakfast.

As back-to-school sales begin each year we also begin to assemble Christmas Boxes for local senior citizens who may not have much family support or income.

Our newest group is MOMS or Moms Offering Moms Support.  This group meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 6:30.  Child care is provided.  This outing is guaranteed to provide some insight and some relief from the non-stop....well, stress....of children and also share the joys of watching those children grow and develop into amazing, caring individuals.

Two other support groups have been in the planning stage and should be officially "ready for business"  in mid-2017.  Stay tuned!

  Come and share with us in any or all of these activities!