We are located at 150 North Oak Street, Ottawa, OH.  Our office phone is (419) 523-3694. 
Sunday morning worship is held in the sanctuary on the second floor of the church.
     As of May 21, 2017, we are operating on our summer schedule with worship at 9:45 am and an optional light breakfast at 9 am.  The summer schedule runs from the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend through the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  Our Sunday School students and teachers alike have the summer off.
     During the "school" year Sunday School meets weekly at 9:30 am and Worship begins at 10:45 am.  We may have exceptions around Christmas time as well as Palm Sunday when we generally gather for a breakfast during the Sunday School time period.  As of Memorial Day weekend, we switch to services that begin an hour earlier (9:45 am).  Our Sunday School students and teachers take a break for the summer while we meet for fellowship and a light breakfast prior to the worship service.  We take turns providing a simple breakfast during the summer months.
You can never be sure what other resources will be used in worship--ranging from traditional hymns of centuries past to contemporary music to liturgical dance to drama.
Special evening services are also scheduled prior to Easter on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.  There have often been community services as well.
On Christmas Eve, there will be two services this year (Christmas Eve is a Sunday in 2017).  The first one, geared toward our children and young families, will begin at our usual morning worship time of 10:45 am.  Later on in the evening, there will be a candlelight worship service at 11 pm with special music beginning at 10:30 pm.  New last year was a special service on December 21--a "blues" service that began at 6 pm.  Tied to the longest night of the year, and thus the "blues," this service began with blue(grass) music that fit that mood of the winter darkness but moved to more celebratory and exciting (but still blues) music during the service.  We hope to continue that service as well in 2017.
Specific times of special services are available on the calendar portion of this website.

Sunday School--Sunday school begins at 9:30 am each Sunday from the Sunday following Labor Day in September through the Sunday before Memorial Day in May.  We are lucky to have talented and dedicated Sunday School teachers for our children--God's children of ALL ages.